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Nutritious Blue Spray

Part XXXVI of Fear

Mingo, Blanda, Spargelkohl, etc.
I'm a husband, a father of two, a musician, a photographer/videographer, and I'm relatively active in my community. I work with computers for a living and they end up in all of my other pursuits somehow too...
8-track, 8-tracks, albums, apple pie, arabic, architecture, area codes, arpanet, battlestar galactica, beasi.net, being a dad, belgian beer, bell of pennsylvania, bell system, bermuda, biking, biking to work, björk, british west indies, cakewalk, camping, caribbean, carnegie mellon university, cats, cayman islands, cell phone, chai tea latte, cingular, cmu, colin & mingo, community development, computer security, computers, crossing jordan, daleks, digital photography, dns, doctor who, electric light orchestra, electronics, elo, english, filmmaking, firefly, fleetwood mac, fountain pens, german, germany, giorgio moroder, grand cayman, gsm, hdtv, heroes, hiking, historic preservation, history, home networks, iceland, icelandic, internet, invasion, iphone, ipods, itunes, kiva han, kraftwerk, laibach, lamy, language, languages, lapsang souchong, laurie anderson, lindsey buckingham, linux, lord of the rings, lost, love and rockets, lps, magakrampi & blanda, manual transmissions, middle english, mobile phone, modern english, monty python, music, mythbusters, nine inch nails, nokia, numbering plans, numbers, old english, outdoors, peter gabriel, phone equipment, phones, photography, pittsburgh, pittsburgh history, pittsburgh parks, podcasting, pumpkin pie, radiohead, recordings, records, red dwarf, republicans, robert's rules of order, science, serenity, sigur rós, snorkeling, sound reinforcement, st lucia, star trek, star wars, stargate atlantis, stevie nicks, survivorman, swahili, swimming, tangerine dream, tazza d'oro, tea, technologist, technology, telephones, telephony, the master, theremins, tom tom club, tool, torchwood, travel, unix, vangelis, venture outdoors, videography, walking, webfotostext, ween, western electric, wifi, wire recorders, wireless networks, yello, yes, zets