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Good Investment #3

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I purchased my GTI in October 1998.  It is really a 2-door Golf with a 2.0L engine rather than a "real" GTI--I think it was branded a GTI because it had a slightly sporty interior.

It was my first Volkswagen and my first manual transmission.  In fact, a friend drove it off the lot for me and spent the next 2 hours teaching me how to drive it :)

The GTI and its awesome carrying capacity was a lot of fun and very useful, especially for camping (as shown in the picture above).  Everyone at my wife's wedding shower was impressed that we got all of that loot inside.

I originally planned to get another new car after 5 years, but instead I was married, with a house, and had other priorities.

Once we were anticipating the arrival of our first child, the GTI with its 2 doors (hatch didn't count) and manual transmission was not a good match for my pregnant wife (although she had previously done very well with a manual!) and dealing with car seats.  So we bought another car in 2006 leaving me to use the GTI until my wife went back to work--when we started using the new car mainly and the GTI saw less and less use--so much less use in fact, that I left the battery drain over the winter and felt very sorry for the state the car was in at that point.

But I got it back in working order and even had a fun cross-state solo trip in the old GTI.  It was still a fun car.

But now the GTI needs some repairs that exceed its value too much, so it's about to be sold or donated. It's been replaced.  And unexpectedly I have someone interested in using it as a "project car"--and I very much hope that deal works out, so it's not facing the end of the line just yet.


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