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Good Investment #2

Good Investment, originally uploaded by werejellyfish.

I purchased this Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z20 camera in August 2005. Just over a year later Konica Minolta stopped making cameras!

I chose this one over other models at the time because of its optics, primarily the 8x zoom. The Z20 has an unusual shape that makes it very easy and natural to hold. It takes hundreds of photos on a single charge of 4 Duracell rechargeable AA batteries.

I usually receive favorable comments about photos taken with this camera--and it's been a true photographic workhorse for us, taking most of our family photos (the ones that weren't taken by camera phones anyway :). Many times my only "trick" is to use "portrait" mode and to zoom in for a nice depth of field. Uh-oh--my secret's out now! :)

The 5-year-old Z20 is limited to using 2 Gbytes of storage and its zoom button is cranky. Still, it remains our camera of choice (when not using a camera phone!)

I bought a small boxy point-n-shoot to "replace" this one, but that's accumulating dust now--it was not a "good investment."


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