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Happy Trails in Highland Park
Today I walked a new hiking loop in Highland Park. Yay! That's a big deal around these parts--Highland Park does not have an extensive trail system.  This was part of a 2-hour walking and hiking session with my son in his Baby Björn today.

I started my loop at Elm Grove and Lake Drive near the Stanton Avenue entrance to the park. I didn't take a new picture today, but the poison ivy in this old camera phone photo is still there:


The Elm Grove trail has some rough spots, such as the rocky steps at the very top. Watch your step on that part (and try to avoid the poison ivy). Here's another old camera phone photo showing the bottom of the trail at the Washington Boulevard biking oval:


It wasn't too far past the biking oval that I saw a number of trees that had toppled recently. There's a lot of water in this part of the park (which is why the seasonal pools were located near here) and I guess these trees have had enough of that:

Tree across Trail

A view of the same tree across the trail, but facing south instead of north:

Tree across Trail

Along this very pleasant trail (if you can tune out the noise from cars on Washington Boulevard) you can see wildflowers such as these Black-Eyed Susans:

Black-Eyed Susans

But what I was really looking for was a connection back up to the rest of the park that didn't require doubling back to the Elm Grove Trail. (The Washington Boulevard Trail ends unceremoniously at a kind of parking lot near the intersection of Washington Boulevard and Allegheny River Boulevard.) Nearing the end of the rail, I found what I was looking for! I remembered an old trail with a stone wall embankment and was very glad to see that there was an obvious entrance to the trail from the Washington Boulevard Trail:

Bottom of Lake Trail

The trail was in better shape than I had remembered--it probably has been improved along with the creation of the Redoubt Trail (still unfinished, as mentioned in this post):

Lake Trail

I continued up the hill and ended up at Lake Grove on Lake Drive near the swimming pool. A new hiking hoop completed!

Thanks to anyone who has been working on these new trails!


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